Weekly Gratitude #11: My Four Grandparents

Every week I like to take a moment and reflect on one thing that I am grateful for.



This week I would like to show gratitude for my grandparents.

I cherish my memories from my Boston-Irish childhood and my grandparents all played an active roll in my memories.


This week was the anniversary of my paternal grandfather’s death and the anniversary of the maternal grandmother’s death will occur this week and these anniversaries have put me in a reflective mood.

I was lucky enough to know all four of my grandparents.


Each of them was a pivotal link between me and our families past.  All four of my grandparents were children of immigrants (3 from Ireland and 1 from Canada) and told me stories about my great-grandparents.  I only have a few vague recollections of the only great-grandparent who lived long to meet me.

My grandparents instilled in me a sense of where I come from.  From my grandparents, I learned to appreciate corned beef and cabbage and that food just tastes better when you fry it.  I learned that punctuality was important and that you don’t leave the door open.  I wasn’t born in a barn, after all.  I learned the importance of working hard and the meaning of money.  I also learned to be honest and was instilled with some good ‘ole Catholic guilt.


I m grateful that I had a chance to know all four grandparents.

I am grateful that three of my grandparents lived long enough to see me as an adult.

I am grateful one of my grandparents lived long enough to see me get married and meet my daughter.


Were you fortunate enough to know your grandparents?  Leave a comment.  I would love to hear about your grandparents.

Grandma Sullivan‘s Obituary Here

Papa Crowley’s Obituary Here

Nana Crowley’s Obituary Here


2 thoughts on “Weekly Gratitude #11: My Four Grandparents

  1. I knew three of my grandparents, but as one of them lived far away, I only saw him a few times in my life. The grandparents I did see were very special to me


  2. I also knew all four of my grandparents growing up. All four of them were able to attend my wedding (this was the last time they were all together for a family event as my paternal grandfather died the following year). I had the additional privilege of meeting and remembering (to varying degrees) all four of my great-grandmothers! We never lived close to my grandparents, but my parents made it a priority for us to go visit them at least twice a year and they would usually come to our house at least once a year. I loved sitting in the patio swing with my maternal grandmother listening to her sing showtunes and hits from the 40s & 50s. I loved visiting the cemetery with my paternal grandmother and hearing her tell stories about our family history. I loved playing cards with my paternal grandfather and going out with him for ice cream. My maternal grandfather wasn’t affectionate and sometimes gruff, so I don’t have as many memories of fun things with him, but i am grateful that he cared enough to loan me the money to start my own business!


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