McKim for School Board

Life is about transitions and this blog post represents a big transition for me.

I started this blog in 2017 as an outlet for my grief after my husband passed away.  I spent hours pouring my emotions out.  Those words are still here for anyone who may need them.

Over time, the writing slowed as I had learned to cope with my grief.  I felt like there was not much more I could say.  I did not want to manufacture emotions just so I could write about them.

I have worked hard to move forward with my life.

It wasn’t easy.  I had to sort out a lot of emotions.  I had to make tough decisions including packing up my house and moving back home to Maine in 2019 (though not in the order.) I have never regretted that decision.

For so long, I felt like I was just surviving and going through the motions.

I threw myself into my life back in Maine.  It’s pretty easy when you have a child who is social.  Keeping up with her is a job in itself.  I also volunteered for our school’s PTCO.

I decided to step up and run for School Board because I love our school and I want to make sure we keep it that way.  This school year, my daughter has been able to go to school, in person, 4.5 days a week!

Many schools don’t let parents inside when dropping them off.  Our school, pre-covid, lets parents insude the school and you will be greeted by name.

This is an amazing community and I want my daughter to grow up in this amazing community.

To my friends that followed my grief journey, you are still welcome to stay.  And my previous writing will not be going anywhere.  I might even still write about grief if I feel the urge.

To my Surry neighbors, I hope to use my blog as a platform to share ideas.  Originally, I thought about doing a second website but I decided to keep everything together for simplicity on my end.

The elections in Surry are Friday, April 23, 2021.  Polls are open 8 am to 8 pm.