My late husband and I loved to travel.  We always brought our infant daughter along for whatever adventure we were doing.  He wanted her to experience the world.  I made a promise to him when he was dying that I would continue to take our daughter on adventures.


Little Deer Isle, Maine: Pumpkin Head Light
Austin, Texas: 40th Birthday Trip
New York City: Bronx Zoo
Boston: Red Sox game and Duck Tours
Sandusky, Ohio: Cedar Point
Boston: Kowloon, Salem and The House of Seven Gables
Philadelphia: Bachelorette Party
Wisconsin: Water parks, cheese curds and the Cheese Castle  
Boston: Peppercorn House, Top of the Hub and the 21st Amendment


Chicago: Navy Pier
Chicago: Family Matters House
Las Vegas
Ann Arbor, Michigan 


New York City: My one fun night when I lived there.
Cruise Story: Rude Canadians and the time we almost got kicked off a plane


Boston: Swan Boats


New York City: Top of the Rock and McSorleys


Lubec, Maine and Saint John, New Brunswick