Good Vibrations Gratitude Friday #34

It’s (still) Friday! You know what that means. Time for some good vibrations gratitude.

Here are 5 things I am grateful for this week.

1. Kimmy Gibbler.

Monday was my bestie’s birthday and I am so grateful I have her in my life.

2. Karen at DirectTV

The DirectTV at our house wasn’t working and Karen from DirectTV patiently helped me troubleshoot. After resetting the main receiver, our service was restored.

And we were able to watch Paw Patrol. Thanks Karen!

3. This Is Us and Sorry For Your Loss.

If you haven’t heard of This is Us, then you are probably living under a rock.

There is a new show on Facebook Watch called Sorry For Your Loss. It stars Elizabeth Oslen as a young widow.

While This Is Us does a fabulous job depicting grief, I feel like Sorry For Your Loss nails what it feels like to be a young widow.

Many people feel that this show is so good that it should be on Hulu or Netflix but I think that the fact that it is on Facebook is perfect. It casts a larger audience.

I am grateful that both shows exist. It shows that our society is starting to break down the walls in talking aboit grief.

4. New Season of Blue Bloods.

Tonight is the season premiere of Blue Bloods and I am so excited. I missed it because I was having dinner with my friend Charlotte and her family.

I also grateful for DVR so I can watch it once I am able.

Three of my gratitudes this week have been about TV? This months has been about solitude and reflection and I may need to continue that next month.

5. Dinner with Charlotte and her family.

A sample of burritos and nachos from a local restaurant, some wine and great conversation. They say you aren’t supposed to talk about politics and religion and we manage to talk about the politics of religion. Fascinating.

What are you grateful for this week?

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