Always uninstall

Oh. Em. Gee.
I am so embarrassed.

Mortified really.

I admit. I may have been playing around on Tinder for like, ten minutes when I was in Wisconsin a week and a half ago.  (Travel post coming- I promise!)

I was curious as to what Wisconsin had to offer.

Wisconsin had a lot of offer.  But too many of them had “Uncle Greg” listed as a mutual contact and that would have been weird and awkward.

I find the whole Facebook friend connection thing to be awkward and uncomfortable.

I deleted the account.

Because swiping is boring.

I know I played around before and it was amusing but I don’t find it amusing anymore.

Swiping is not for me and I doubt it ever will be.

I want organic connections only.

I am open to whatever the Universe sends my way but until the Universe sends me love, I am content to be by myself.

I just want to focus on myself.

I mean, I am pretty awesome but I can always be more awesome.

Apparently when I deleted my tinder account, I didn’t uninstall the app.  I just let it sit dormant on the phone.

Well I tonight got a notification from the app that my profile had ten likes and that they were waiting for me to swipe.


I was mortified.


I am not the most tech savvy but I know I deleted the account.


Maybe it is because Mercury is in Retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde causes your technology to be messed up and WordPress keeps messing up my spacing…

Then it dawned on me that I let my three year old daughter watch YouTube kids on my phone.

What can I say?  I am on my way to becoming Mom of the Year 2018.


I used to let my daughter play on my regular YouTube app but decided that probably wasn’t the best idea.

Plus, my suggested videos in YouTube started showing options like this-

Or even worse…

So I downloaded the YouTube kids for her but sometimes she accidentally closes it and opens other apps.
She almost sent a SnapChat the other day that a picture of my floor with something like “sdjddfhsdf” written in the text.
So she probably opened the Tinder app and hit the button that lets you sign up with your facebook account. 
It’s actually really easy to do.

Either that or she is trying to play matchmaker.

I can’t make this sh*t up.

I am okay with her sending random weird snaps accidentally to my friends but I draw the line at tinder swiping.


So sorry to the ten guys who swiped on me.  I’m flattered that you took the 2 seconds to look at my pictures and decide that I was worth a swipe right.

I am done swiping.

I go into the app and it alerts me that one of my pictures wasn’t used because it violated their terms of use.


Oh boy.

I deleted the account and uninstalled the app.

Lesson learned.


Always uninstall.


Uninstall.  Uninstall.  Uninstall.

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