Vegas <3

My heart has been with Vegas today.  There are literally no words to give justice to what was lost today.

While I know Bryon’s death isn’t the same,  my world was shattered.  I was in a dark place.  Over time, I came to realize that alongside my sadness, there was still beauty in this world.

This morning I got my daughter ready for school.  Even though She has been to Vegas, she has no concept of what happened.  She doesn’t know hate.  As long as she could watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,  all was perfect in the world.

I said hello to a few other parents who were also dropping off their children.

I dropped my daughter off at school and her classmates were just as oblivious as she was.  The only people who knew besides me were her teachers as we recounted what we saw on the news in words that wouldn’t draw any attention from the kids.

I went to the gym.  Everyone was working out and talking and providing encouragement.

I went to the grocery store. An old man made a joke that he didn’t know what I was buying,  but I was paying too much.

I came home and chatted with my neighbor in the driveway.

It is hard but we need to remember that there really is love in this world.

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