The happy widow

She will smile and laugh.  

She will go out with friends.

Usually she is okay.

People tell her she is strong.

She has to be.

She has no choice.

She can be a bit of an actress.

She has to be because people don’t understand

No one understands.  

It is much easier to pretend to be okay than have to explain how she feels

She is tired of explaining.

She is tired of being told how to grieve.  How to feel.

She is tired of platitudes and cliches.

She lost of the love of her life.  Her soul mate.  Her best friend.  Her partner in crime.  Her other half.  Her confidant.  Her co-parent.

She also lost her security.  Her dreams.  Her plans.  Her faith.  Her innocence.  Her identity.

No one knows the pain.  The emptiness.  The sadness.  The loneliness.

The reminders of what she used to have.

The false hope that life will be good again.

False hope that she will be whole again.

4 thoughts on “The happy widow

  1. grant the widow the serenity to accept the things the widow cannot change,the courage to change the things the widow can and the wisdom to know the difference.a hobby is a great way for a widow or divorcee to get out of the house, social times take loneliness away too.

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      1. A hobby brings back confidence, pride and it diverts the mind.Even making puzzles, put puzzle glue on and frame it.They make wonderful presents and homemade gifts mean so much.

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  2. Also, stop people from reminiscing about the past.The hobbies whether it’s painting, drawing, sewing machines, yarn for knitting or crocheting .On here uplifting stories of explaining the new hobby.We would love to hear about them.A class in a school, online or teach other people something on you tube.Cooking , baking how to, sewing and crafts how to.It takes planning , demonstrating, and putting on the makeup, doing your hair and becoming a live superstar.You have so much to teach us

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