The dream

Yesterday I put my daughter down for a nap and then I faced a major dilemma-

Do I do something productive or do I take a nap?

The nap won out.

I begin to dream.

Somehow I am at Bryon’s work and people tell me that he is there.

I go into a conference room and Bryon is sitting at a table with his laptop out. He is wearing jeans and a dark shirt, like a long-sleeved golf shirt.

And he was skinny. (This is significant because Bryon died from complications of weight loss surgery.)

I was so excited to see Bryon. “You got better! I thought you were dead this whole time.”

I barely converse with Bryon in my dreams. Usually we just look at each other and smile.

I am so excited to be together with Bryon again. I was talking his ear off. He didn’t say much. He mostly listened to me.

I do express two concerns to him-

First that he needs some new clothes because the clothes he is wearing are baggy. Bryon just looked amused and said he wouldn’t know where to shop.

The second was that he was at work and it might be problematic because I already claimed his death benefit. Bryon told me not to worry about that.

Bryon doesn’t seem concerned about either of these.

I have heard that when you dream about a dead loved one, they are actually visiting you. Therefore it would make sense that Bryon wasn’t concerned with either of these issues.

Because he knew he was dead.

It was my subconscious that did not. And he was humoring my subconscious.

And then the alarm I had set on my phone went off.

I woke up thinking Bryon was alive again and that my life can go on as it was supposed to.

It only took a few seconds to realize that Bryon was still dead.

2 thoughts on “The dream

  1. I wish I could dream. I don’t dream at all, other than a vision I had recently of Mike standing by our front door pointing to the sky (towards where we could see the space launches take off). I had to google if there were any launches scheduled the next day as it was as if he was telling me to watch it. Sure enough there was a big Space X launch scheduled the day after, so I watched and imagined him sitting in that red tesla next to starman 🙂
    Im sure the sleeping pills limit the dreams, hopefully I won’t need them too much longer and I’ll be able to dream again.
    I had weight loss surgery several years ago, so I was intrigued by your comment that he died from complications related to that. Thats shocking to hear. Im so sorry.
    I’m finding it hard to write my blog. I have so many ideas but then when it comes down to it, I give up before I begin. Too self critical I think.
    Anyway, keep writing. Im enjoying yours and gaining inspiration from your blogs.
    Thanks, K


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