10 Things I Miss About You

This poem is inspired by a poem in one of Bryon’s favorite movies.

I miss that you didn’t take life too seriously,
that you just didn’t care.

I miss arguing with you about stupid stuff,
like the length of your hair,

I miss being annoyed by all the sports on TV,

I miss our conversations,
even the ones about poop and pee,

I miss that you planned our vacations,
though you always gave me a say,

I miss that you kept me safe,
and always assured me that everything would be okay,

I miss that you would always make me laugh,
whenever I was mad,

I miss that our daughter will never know her Dad,

I miss that you would always steal my pillow,

I miss that you are not here and I am all alone.
I wish you were here,
so I didn’t have to be a fucking widow.

4 thoughts on “10 Things I Miss About You

  1. I’m so sorry you’re having to live through this nightmare. The poem is beautiful. I also would be loved him planning the vacations. I hate that task. Sending you a big hug and your sweet daughter too.

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    1. Me too. I am usually a person who wings it and then I never get to see all that I wanted to. Bryon was awesome at planning trips. He’d incorporate what we both wanted to do as well as a few things he really wanted to do and a few things I really wanted to do. He even planned it down to Google maps with driving distances.

      And thanks for the big hug ❤


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